Wenn ich ein Fotograf wäre. Und einen Wunsch frei hätte.

Posted on 14. April 2010


Dann würde ich mir wünschen, zu einer ähnlich entspannten Einstellung wie Joseph Koudelka zu finden:

„I don’t know what’s important to the people who look at my photos. What’s important to me is to make them. I work all the time, but there are only a few of my photos that I find really good. I am not even sure that I am really a good photographer. I think that anyone working as I do could do the same. But my purpose is not to prove my talent. […] Sometimes my photos are OK, other times they are not, but I think that eventually something will come out of my work. I don’t worry about it. […] I don’t try to change people. Nor to change the world.“

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